The Irish Mountain Running Association has an energetic website that can tell you everything you need to know. The Mountaineering Council of Ireland also keeps a great site of information, with commentary, news and links for both hiking and mountain-climbing communities.

Irish cycling

Peter Purfield's Irish Cycling site is ideal for serious cyclists and fans; it’s a great site with plenty of news, tips, and upcoming events. Seamus Shortall has another good site: Irish Cycle Racing. Here there are lots of news and articles on touring the country by bicycle as well as the history of Irish cycling.

Staying fit

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Irish activities

The following hand-picked suggestions will offer you resources on Irish walking, hiking, boating, horseback riding, birdwatching, cycling and other great activities.

Irish walking and hiking

We provide useful information on Irish forests, nature reserves and parks where you can have an exhilarating run up a mountain if you wish or possibly something along the lines of a gentle stroll in a field or, better yet, an after-picnic sleep.

Online you can access mountain photo galleries, detailed descriptions of long walks, great links with commentary, a schedule of events and plenty more.

The Northern Ireland Tourist Board site offers 'fourteen great walks' on the Ulster Way, one of Ireland's long-distance hiking paths. Tourists have been trekking to beautiful Killarney National Park for generations. The park's website offers an excellent introduction to the flora and fauna of this special place, and includes many photos.

In and on the water

The Inland Waterways Association of Ireland offers all sorts of information and news for boaters, fishermen and walkers. Many good photos of locks and bridges, everything you wanted to know about the Royal Canal, links to a number of things watery, and plenty more – in all, a very interesting site.